HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US and the world and can cause significant depression and anxiety because patients feel unclean and they afraid they infect others and their love one. That would eventually effect their interpersonal relationship and sexual dysfunction which could add more to their anxiety. However, during this ordeal there are specific type of patients that they falsely think they have HPV. 

"HPV Body Dysmorphic"

This terminology  was first been used and introduced by Dr. Arani, M.D. after evaluating tens of thousands of patients some of which convinced they have HPV related symptom such as genital warts but they don't.

There are 2 type of patients with "HPV Body Dysmorphic"

A) Patients who had sex with HPV positive partner and they are afraid they have been exposed. Despite getting reassured  by physicians that they don't have any HPV related growth, they continue to think that  they do.  They usually express anger toward their doctors  that they are not getting diagnosed right or treated. They often self treat themselves with any product they hear might work. I have seen many of these type of patient in my practice. They wont feel relieve after sharing 

B) Patients with genital warts who has been victim of so many different type of treatment failure. They are so traumatized, anxious, and have been seen by so many doctors. Even though these patients finally get treated right and having negative result but still think they are infected and feel unhappy. They look for unusual sign on their skin and continue doctor shopping and looking for miracle, they have continue obsession about HPV. They usually continue to find less experienced physician or mid-level care provider ( PA NP ) and convince them to treat their imaginary HPV growth. They usually experience scars, skin damages, discoloration which cause more anxiety and depression and this goes to vicious cycle as they get more treatment. They often go online looking for magical treatment and share their painful experience of trying different treatment but express disappointment none has worked for them while have self inflicting wound.