Facts About Genital Warts



What are genital warts? Do they spread easily? What are the treatments? What happens if they are not treated? Those questions and several more are answered in this article. Information is included on what to do if you suspect you have them. If you’re currently having sexual relations with anybody, you will benefit from this article.  


Definition of Genital Warts

This is a kind of sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) disease that has been running rampant in the United States lately. Genital warts can easily spread from person to person during sexual activity. Symptoms include fleshy or pink-colored bumps anywhere on, or around your genitals. It resembles common goosebumps, but much larger. Unlike common goosebumps, genital warts must be taken seriously. Any type of HPV is critical to be treated, otherwise, they will not vanish.


Research Results on Genital Warts

Studies by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that people who contract any form of HPV are in for a long battle. Even with professional medical treatment, it can still last for up to two years. Genital warts are included in this category. It’s important to know that patients who acquire HPV can remain infected for life. There is no immunity. This can recur, and develop much worse than before.  


Do They Ever Go Away?

It might, but we have hardly ever seen any cases of prominent HPV warts goes away without any treatment. In some cases, yes, it depends on the strain. HPV is not always curable. However, genital warts can be treated to the point of elimination. However, as stated above, a patient can become afflicted with it again. Some people have been reported to have more than one strain at the same time. Genital warts should be treated by a medical professional. It can’t be eliminated by do-it-yourself remedies.


What happens if it is left untreated?

HPV infections might get extended anal or urethral area and cause significant complications. When left untreated, the virus may become dormant, or warts can grow bigger and spread in large clusters as you carry this STD. If HPV causes significant cell change then a chance of cancer is present.  It is important to emphasize that this type of virus can be recurring.


What about Symptoms?

There are no recognizable symptoms of genital warts. Nothing you can pinpoint could indicate you have them. Scores of folks who get it never realize they have it. This can be dangerous as it is easy to transmit during sexual intercourse. It is highly recommended for everyone to see a medical professional regularly. He or she is trained on how to spot the signs of genital warts or any HPV.


Additional Facts on Genital Warts

Like any other form of HPV, this one may not produce signs on the human body for a long time. It can take weeks, months, or even years to become visible. When it does manifest in your body, the private parts are not the only ones affected. Genital warts also tend to appear on the mouth, on the tongue, or in the throat.  Men are NOT safe from this. They can get genital warts outbreaks on the scrotum or penis. Additionally, men can develop them on the thigh, or in the groin area. If you are a man, ask your doctor to keep an eye out for this scourge.  


Are There Any Treatment Options?

Yes, there are but genital warts still might never be completely gone. It can infect you again. That said, only a licensed doctor can prescribe medications for it. In some cases, minor procedures are recommended. It must be stated that wart removers bought from a drug store WILL NOT WORK. You must get the medicine from a doctor; this is the only way you can get hold of it. 


What Are Some Medications?

Podofilox: There is a cream made from plants. The cream is known as podofilox and is applied directly on warts themselves. If you are confused as to how and when you need to apply it, your pharmacist can advise you.  


Imiquimod: This is an ointment available only by prescription. It is used similarly to podofilox, yet this is stronger.


Cryotherapy: Your gynecologist might also suggest you go for cryotherapy. It is a medical procedure that freezes genital warts with liquid nitrogen. Multiple sessions are often required to fully eradicate them.  


More Involved Treatment Options

In addition to the options we spoke of, there are a few surgical procedures your doctor could recommend. We shall talk about those now. One is called electrodesiccation and is only able to be done by a surgeon. No other kind of non-surgical doctor will do. He or she will probably give you anesthesia during this procedure.

Another choice recommended by doctors is laser surgery. This entails similar circumstances and steps as electrodesiccation. Side effects are prevalent with laser surgery. They could include skin irritation or soreness, scarring, or even bleeding. Expect recovery from this to take a few weeks or so or further spreading of disease. rate of success might not be high.  


The concept is similar to cooking devices, but instead of cooking food then you do it on human tissue!  The radiation would heat up the tissue and whatever in its pathway ( skin, nerve, vessels, muscle, etc ) in order to cause cellular damages. It might be safer for plantar warts on heal and feet with thicker skin, but when it comes to condyloma and genital warts then microwave potentially could be harmful to the sensitive penile and anal area as well as missing tissue biopsy and potential cancerous or pre-cancerous cells.  

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it is antiviral has been used as gel topically for certain warts with one study shows 47% effectiveness for genital warts. This drug is nephrotoxic and causes kidney damages that are not reversible. They have been used as skin gel and must not be injected into the patients for genital warts as it is not FDA approve for genital warts treatment. Not worth the serious adverse effect for 47% treatment efficacy. However, Injecting this substance into the skin is an irresponsible act and not FDA approved and should not be done. Although no Medical doctor or physician would take an experimental radical approach to inject this toxic substance into the patient skin there are certain clinics or physician assistants who start doing that perhaps without consulting their supervising licensed physicians.  

Candida Injection 

The idea is to inject fungus into the skin and when the body goes to fight against fungus then they see HPV and fight them too. 

This causes inflation and redness, it usually does not work besides getting a deep fungal infection which is hard to treat. 


The response rate of 45% compared to  16% placebo, so about 29% efficacy seems to be lower than cryotherapy and other topical easier and cheaper treatment. 

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Natural Treatments 

Many remedies and over-the-counter substances sold online against HPV genital warts are not helpful and in many circumstances are harmful and irritate surrounding normal skin which causes a new infection. Over years we have practice in the HPV field we have seen many undesirable effects. Many of these remedies change their name and rebrand over and over. Following are some of these remedies that we go over, we do not recommend any of them but reviewed for your information:  

The best treatment for genital warts is through legitimate medical care or procedure. However, studies on some home remedy treatments claim to be effective in temporarily clearing up genital warts.


Tea Tree Oil

This natural substance is greatly known for its anti-fungal properties. It is found effective against common fungus and organisms like head lice. People dilute 1 drop of tea tree oil with 2 drops of carrier oil and apply to the infected area. Carrier oils are usually base oils or vegetable oils. It is called such because it carries essential oils for better absorption by the body. Note that the mixture can cause a burning sensation or promote inflammation on the skin. It might cause a bit of irritation, and cause you discomfort. We have never seen much success with natural remedies such as tea tree oil. 
Tea tree oil, though deemed as a natural substance, can cause allergies. Before applying some to your skin, it is best to conduct a patch test first. Test a small amount on your arm and wait for at least 24 hours before concluding it safe for use. Never ingest the concoction or apply inside the vagina. 


Green Tea Extract

People create a mixture at home by mixing 1 drop or two of the extract with coconut oil, just like the tea tree oil. Apply to the infected area. 


Aside from the extract are also reduced into a compound formed into an ointment ("Veregen"). This is available only by prescription.


Garlic Extract

They have compared this with cryotherapy in a certain study. but please note none of these studies are double-blind randomized so the quality of studies is questionable. They say the response to treatment between the 2 groups had no significant difference. However, a 2-month follow-up shows that patients treated with garlic extract did not report any form of side-effect, as compared to those treated through cryotherapy that recorded pain, burning sensation, and hypopigmentation.
Garlic extract can be applied directly to warts, or a mixture of garlic and oil can be made at home. When using the mixture. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to cure a lot of ailments since time immemorial. Additionally, it is believed to cure warts as its acetic acid content burns skin. The vinegar gets applied by people topically burn the wart, albeit gradually.


The consumer usually mixes 2 parts apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 1 part water. Soak a cotton ball or gauze in the solution, and apply directly on the wart. Cover or keep it in place overnight with the use of a bandage or tape. Remove and discard the cotton ball or gauze the next day. We have seen many cases of skin damage and further warts distribution. 


Since ACV is a form of acid, it is necessary to observe extreme caution when applying it directly on the skin as it may cause chemical burns. By doing so, it is highly likely for you to feel mild irritation or a burning sensation. That’s why it’s important to dilute the vinegar with water. When persisting burning causes discomfort, or worsens, remove the cotton ball or gauze and wash off the area with water. Never apply this on open wounds, or directly on the face and neck. Possible allergic reactions may arise such as difficulty in breathing, rashes, hives, dizziness, or increased heartbeat.


Consumption of Vegetables

Vegetables are generally good for the body. Maintaining a balanced diet may help clear up genital warts. Consume a lot of vegetables with indole-3-carbinol (I3C). Try eating 4 to 5 servings of it daily. Great sources for I3C include cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale. Similarly, consume bright, colored, vegetables. Brighter or darker varieties contain a great concentration of phytonutrients that helps the immune system. Also try including fruits like oranges, apricots, and peaches. You may also add sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and pumpkins. Likewise, purple and red vegetables such as tomatoes, beetroot, and blueberries are high in lycopene, which can possibly give you an immune boost.


Vitamin B and Folate

Some doctors suggest the consumption of certain vitamins to promote the clearing of HPV and genital warts. Such vitamins include vitamin B and folic acid. Recommended dosage intake for vitamin B12 is 1,000 mcg daily in the form of methylcobalamin, while it also best to take 1,000 mcg of folic acid through methyltetrahydrofolate (MTHF). There is no good study supporting this and people living in western countries have no lack of vitamins so unlikely this helps much. 


Dietary and Lifestyle

it’s essential to maintain a strong immune system to combat and naturally eliminate the virus from the body. Consider that they mainly speak about silent HPV with not many symptoms such as warts or cancer.  


Since HPV has become a prevalent occurrence for both men and women, doctors and specialists have helped develop guidelines that aid in natural healing. But this doesn’t assure complete treatment. It is still recommended to regularly consult a physician to help identify progress and improvement.


As each person reacts differently, careful monitoring to determine the best diet is important. Ultimately, change in eating habits, and lifestyle could typically bolster good health, so the following are strongly suggested:


Quit smoking
Eliminate or reduce (at the very least) alcohol consumption
Reduce coffee consumption
Exercise regularly
Get at least 8 hours of sleep (with a few naps, if possible)


It is also beneficial to increase the intake of vitamin C as it has been proven to be a great immune booster. This may be taken as a supplement or through vegetables such as bell pepper, kale, kiwi, berries, peas, and papaya. Similarly, antioxidants could also help cure various types of HPV. It works by fighting free radicals in the body and cancer-inducing agents in the system. Though there are supplements that can be taken, it may also be sourced from artichokes, green tea, berries, and spinach, to name a few. 


How to Avoid Getting Genital Warts

The best way is to be careful about when, with whom, and how often you have sexual relations. Since it is a sexually transmitted disease, it is highly unlikely you would contract it any other way. Once you have it, it can be devastating. Even reliable safe-sex items might not keep you from getting them. If you have been intimate with someone, consult your gynecologist to find out if any outbreaks of genital warts have occurred. If they have, refraining from sexual activity is prudent.  


Additional Advice

If you are sexually active, make sure you have a gynecologist to go to. Regular exams are recommended in addition to any advice he or she will give youlolo. HPV spreads so easily. It only takes one careless person to start an epidemic. Always stay safe.