HPV BCRtm  Microsurgical treatment of benign tumor,  Genital warts, anal warts and other epithelial tumors such as Urethral, oral mucosal treatment method is minimally invasive plastic surgery.  The relatively an expensive skillful approach compare to other non-microscopic or conservative methods by primary care and skin care clinics. However, if you compare the procedure cost with routine various cosmetic plastic surgery then it is inexpensive Considering near perfect cosmetic outcome on sexual organ and eliminating contagious sexually transmitted disease growths. 

The treatment is supported with so many successful documented case reports with spectacular unmatched outcome. Although,  It   can not prevent one getting re-infected with HPV again if living a risky life or getting new growth on new area. However,  with significant confidence we declare none of our HPV BCRTM treated specific warts will likely to grow back again. We are nation premier exclusive HPV infectious disease institution with cutting edge technology. We are not a dermatology office and we do not provide any other skin or cosmetic care. All our patients will be personally seen by Dr. Arani, M.D. from beginning to the end to ensure fully recovery to the perfection and satisfaction. None of our patients will be seen by mid-level provider such as physician assistant or nurse practitioner. We always advise less invasive and less expensive approach first. However, if everything has failed then we provide the state of the art technology and skill to help you and HPV BCRTM is worth the value.  Our HPV treatment center will estimate the cost of your procedure after your initial consultation. The estimate depends on difficulty of your case, location of the disease, and intensity and size of related tumors. Our institution does not accept any type of health insurance. Although our microscopic treatment is costlier than more conservative approach, but if you consider eliminating multiple doctor visits for the same individual growth/ warts/ tumor and near-perfect cosmetic outcome then it is valuable. 

For those who prefer other conservative approach we will provide free clinics or public health facilities information, you may not even need to have any type of health plan or out of pocket to pay your doctor for your treatment (burning, acid, cream etc ) by public health facilities . (We are not funded by any governmental organization and we will not able to provide any free care or skin plastic surgery)

Why thousands of patients have chosen us from all over the world 


Dr. Arani is recognized for his ability to create a natural-looking result. Dr. Arani's skills and artistry work are the hallmark of our center's reputation and name. Cosmetic element is a crucially important part of the treatment of genital warts. Clinicians must find the best successful pathway for treatment to create a desirable cosmetic outcome. Patients share their most private parts with their loved ones and future partners, and no one wants to be questioned about an unusual appearance during such an intimate time. A claim of "100% satisfaction guaranteed" will not give you new genital skin and you have to live with your result for rest of your life. In many instances, the main reason a patient goes to a doctor for wart removal is due to cosmetic concern. For these patients, if the wart removal is successful but the patient ends up with undesirable scarring, then nothing has been accomplished and the scar is permanent.

Thus, be very careful when choosing a skillful clinician. Although there is no 100% guarantee for any type of surgery, we are extremely careful to create the most desirable outcome with no collateral damage to your genital area. Please refer to our Before and After Gallery.



There are many treatment modalities available, partially due to multilateral approach and ongoing search for new and better ways to treat genital warts. Every doctor and clinician has his or her own certain preferences for treatment. Dr. Arani's innovative approach of 3-Step Micro Surgical Destruction BCR™ Method comes from his years of experience exclusively treating HPV warts. He has mastered his technique of micro removal, performing many of these procedures with the use of a microscope. Microsurgical instruments are utilized for removal followed by 2 additional destruction steps to eliminate the growth once for all. During your private consultation, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the right approach for you. We will also fully examine you with different diagnostic tools such as filtered light, microscope or macroscope to ensure we are not missing any warts at time of the treatment. Our goal at the time of treatment is that there are "no warts left when the patient leaves the clinic." We are very proud of our outstanding results.

From the start of treatment to the end (the healing stage), cosmetic outcome is very important to our practice. Successful removal is our primary vision, but we also strive to make the treated area look as appealing as possible. With HPV, the first treatment is most important as far as the desirable outcome; repeat treatments tend to result in less optimal cosmetic results. We also understand the psychological aspects of this disfiguring infection, and always keep cosmetics in mind when treating these difficult lesions. Type your paragraph here.


Cost of HPV BCRTM Treatment Method